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Shaping The Future of Finance Services

Stratera Ventures.



Our Story

Stratera Ventures was created by a group of like-minded individuals with years of industry and firm experience in the field of finance and accounting. We determined that the finance and accounting function was an outdated, expensive and inefficient model.


Being strategic outside the box thinkers, we created a vision to redefine the way the finance and accounting functions operate and provide them on an as a service model.

We are business partners that provide a strategic and balanced approach to the finance and accounting operations.


The traditional function of finance and accounting is changing. With the advance of technology, the roles of bookkeeping and accounting can be automated and the ultimate value is driven from the finance leaders. We are those leaders.

Our approach is to build long-term relationships with our clients providing C-level and strategy on an "as a service" basis. The fractional  basis allows for better return on investment and cashflow management.

Who We Are

To be the leading service provider of financial expertise. Leveraging best in class industry experts and technology to provide an efficient and affordable solution for all organizations.

Our Vision




Sound decision making requires much more than just looking at the bottom line – it needs a detailed eye on cash flow, growth opportunities, resource capacity and credit risk to be able to improve your performance and ultimately take your business to the next level.

Outsourced CFO

Strategic Planning

Combining entrepreneurial best practice and intellectual rigour with a deep understanding of what shapes an individual business, organization or enterprise. We develop business and financial models to evaluate the strategy that is realistic and generate improved financial performance.

IPO Support

Public offerings are one of the many forms of an exit or access to new markets. Our team provides supports through the full process from pre-IPO assessment, prospectus assistance to filings, MD&A, and note disclosure. We help navigate the process and assist in meeting all the requirements for successful listing.

Funding Services

In today's environment, funding options are evolving and creating alternative structures. We assess the type of funding and impact on the operations. We partner  to help build pitch decks, coach key executives and develop financial analysis and models to support the use-of-proceeds requirements.

Growth can be facilitated through a number of channels including new market opportunities, a merger with another company or acquiring competing or complimentary businesses. We can advise on the whole process from fit assessment, due diligence, purchase price allocation and post entity integration. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

About Us
What We Offer



Deep Industry Knowledge

Stratera Ventures has extensive experience across major industry verticals and a variety of sub-market niches. From the breadth and depth of our experience in other industries, we are able to quickly identify and drive deeper insights on the issues that are specifically relevant to the company and industry within which they participate and disrupt.

Although we have years of servicing clients from industries such as pharmaceuticals, media, telecommunications and technology, today's environment continues to be disruption.

Our primary partners have recently been start-up to mid sized organizations disrupting traditional industries. Some niche industries recently serviced include:

  • Technology

  • Alternative Health

  • CryptoAssets

  • FinTech

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning


With our in-house research team we are able to not only keep up to date with emerging industries but also predict areas for where disruption may occur. We draw on our insights to look for cross industrial disrupters to see if there are synergies or strategic acquisitions from dissimilar technologies to drive future growth and opportunities.

In-house Research Teams
Why Us



Our Address

240 Richmond Street West, 

Toronto, Canada M5V 2C5

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